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Online Poker and Poker Tournaments

Poker-Tournament-e1442489691702Poker is the most savory card game of all time and is considered a game of strategy, skill and probability. The game was first played in America around 1829 with just 20 cards. Players placed their bet on the basis of who held the most valuable hand or simply the poker hand. Since then it has held the top position in many casinos and so far the reputation of poker remains unbeatable. A person named Doyle Brunson detailed in his book ‘Super/System’ every aspect of this game and played this game for over 50 years. He became the Legend of Poker.

Poker holds the same goodwill in its online version too; in fact it has gained way more ground than other traditional casino games that went online along with poker. With the advent of internet, poker has become a household game for people from all walks of life as they can easily try their hands at it. Really, the internet has revolutionized almost everything, including real money gaming.

Christiansen Capital Advisors came up with some interesting facts about online poker and stated that online poker revenue grew from $82.7 million in 2001 to a whopping $2.4 billion in 2005. That was really a booster for investors and players and they got all sorts of security measures in place like checking IP addresses to clog players from playing the same game or at the same table.

Mike Caro a professional poker player became an author and wrote a chapter in Doyle Brunson’s Super/System on Draw Poker. He was named the “Face of Planet Poker” in 1999. These two were the first to promote online poker. Chris Moneymaker, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, won the main event in the World Series Poker in the year 2003. His was the one name that came from the online world and took the real world by storm.

What’s makes online poker so likeable by players is the fact that they get to play real-life poker tournaments. But the legal atmosphere worldwide is low on clarity. Online poker is regulated by many countries including England and some countries in the Caribbean as well. In 2013, Nevada became the first American state to allow its people to play online poker and involve money in it.

There are adequate differences between online poker and the traditional game. Instead of sitting together and guessing other players’ body language in real poker, online poker players are more involved in the game. It is a fact that some of the major poker tournaments were won by online players.  Online poker players get an edge over a period of time and understand the game in a better way. So before playing poker in a tournament you should play the online version and read some objective casino reviews. Take advantage of no deposit bonuses and try out the game for free before you open a real money account at online casinos. Understand this game in a border way and go head to head with players from all over the world.

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