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The Norwegian Online Casino

Mostly every type of gambling is currently considered illegal in Norway. Only a few types of online casinos in Norway have government’s permission for providing gambling services in the country. Except for those online casinos, every other form of gambling is illegal in Norway. Even organizing gambling parties in homes is not permitted.

Despite this, gambling regime in Norway is also considered to be a monopoly over gaming activities, the country has produced some very amazing poker players in the world in the past few years.

Overview of the Norwegian Online Casino

Most of the forms of gambling are considered to be of law in Norway. Currently, all forms of gambling and all Norwegian online casino are under the regulation and being monitored by the Norwegian Gaming Authority. They supervise every type of gambling which are legally present in Norway such as lottery, slot machines, sports betting and online gambling.

The Norwegian Online Casino

There are some rules and goals subjected by the Gaming Authority. Their aim is to make sure that all the gaming activities provided in the territorial region of the country are well organized in a satisfactory manner. The authority also works hard to prevent any kind of negative consequences of gambling activities over certain susceptible citizens who are prone to develop gambling additions. They also monitor the monetary issues and make sure that some part of the income generated through such activities are used in various social causes.

Relevant Legislation in Norway

The Government Of Norway has always kept a closer eye on the games and lotteries which are offered to their citizens. This is the reason why the legislation of the country has characterized certain provisions with respect to the gambling operations which happen across the territory of Norway.

The Norwegian penal Code of 1902 had clearly stated in its §§ 298 and 299 that the country will consider only those games of chances as legal, which are granted with a special license. Such type of license are given to the authorities which are entitled with the corresponding legal statute.

Though there is an overall prohibition of gambling activities in Norway, there are certain statutory exceptions from the status quo.

But in the 20th century, 3 legal acts were introduced in the country. All these acts offered some exceptions from the strict ban which had been imposed on the Norwegian gambling market. The new acts which were added into the legislation were: the Totalisator Act of 1927, the Gaming Act of 1992 and the Lottery Act of 1995.

On the basis of these acts, gambling rights were provided to some legal gambling permission under the subject of the Totalisator Act of 1927.

In 1995 the Norwegian Lottery Act was introduced which provided the definition of all the forms of lotteries and various other online gambling games.

All these acts are considered to be the part of the country’s strategy for establishing a state of monopoly in the gambling industry.

Online Gambling

Talking about online gambling in Norway, the situation is pretty much worse on paper than in reality. As you, all know that the company is currently having some really tough anti-gambling laws in Europe. Some other complications generated from the fact that the country is not a part of the European Union, which is why by no means the country can be pressurized for liberalizing the system.

According to current gambling legislation in Norway, it is illegal for any of their citizens to place a bet on foreign gambling websites. This has raised a great deal of concern not only among the local players but also among the foreign companies which provide online gambling services.

Since 2013, the government of Norway is carrying out certain processes for liberalizing the market so that it can open gateways for foreign operators.

Recently a study was carried out with an intent to encourage competent Norwegian authorities to plan out and lift up the current ban. But initially, it ended up with the authorities to sustain the current gambling monopoly which closed all the roads for any further development of the gambling market.

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