People Who Put a Ding in the Universe of Casino

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People Who Put a Ding in the Universe of casino

Casino is a place where anyone can tempt fortune, feel the taste of victory and greatness, winning a huge amount of money, or a bitter taste and offence of losing everything you have. There are loads of stories of the people who scooped a huge win in casino games, who of the poor become rich and vice versa. Below you can find some info about those who managed to leave their mark in the history of gambling forever.

A short divagation. We recommend that you do not ever fully rely on your luck when playing casino or poker games. What concerns poker, it is considered a game of skill, so you have to study the rules of the game and some strategies before playing. By the way, basics of poker can be found here.

Businessman and billionaire Robert Maxwell became an outstanding person in the history of gambling when he lost $2,000,000 in one of London casinos in a very short time – it took him 3 minutes. He had never been gambling addicted, hence he didn’t keep on trying his luck.

People Who Put a Ding in the Universe of casino
Even though Maxwell was a businessman – British media proprietor – there are plenty of rumors about him being one of the greatest spies of the last decades of the XX century of 4-5 countries simultaneously with a huge influence on the history course.

Sometime later after losing in the casino, Robert Maxwell died on his yacht. Yet his death is still covered with mystery.

In the center of Las Vegas there is a memorial plaque in tribute to Stenli Fuditeyk that marks its outstanding record. Stenli is widely known as “Golden Hand”.

In May of 1989 Stenli left his motherland – Hawaii – for a city of lights. He settled down in “California” Hotel. He managed to win a fabulous amount of money playing devil’s bones. He had spent 3 hours and 6 minutes to complete 119 series and all of them ended up with his victory. This hotel and its affiliate gambling facility lost a few million dollars due to the visit of a Hawaiian guest. Rumors about the consummate player had spread within a hotel with a cosmic pace. After a while, loads of spectators surrounded the table Stenli played at. Fuditeyk has become an idol to loads of gambling lovers, who sincerely supported him and chanted the name of the champion.

There is little we know about the life path of this unusual person. Stenli was born in 1933 in the town of Honolulu. He spent his childhood and youth in hard times of economic depression. Tough living conditions had prepared the future winner to difficulties and created a huge desire for changes in him. As a teenager Stenli realized that his favorite game – dice – could bring him not merely pleasure but also extra money.

It took a few years to improve skills and hone his practice. But the most crucial game in Stenli’s life happened when he was already 55 years old. 27 years passed since his triumph yet the record he set is not broken yet. Nobody managed to win 119 series in a row. This spectacular luck still can’t be explained with any mathematical calculation.

The phenomenal love of fortune to Fuditeyk was discussed by everyone and their dog.

In 2000 on his 67th year Stenli passed away. For his outstanding and incredible achievements, he was named a “Golden Hand” and will forever remain in the history of the gambling world.

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