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Pontoon-Casino-GamePontoon is the greatest Chameleon of gambling world. Though it is very similar to blackjack, the house thought this game through and wisely worked towards Pontoon’s global acceptance. In Singapore and Australia Pontoon remains a card game quite similar to Spanish 21. In Australia specifically, Pontoon is played using multiple decks of cards. You may find casinos in the Gold Coast area have a different name for Pontoon than the one in Tasmania.

But the real revolution or rather a change took place in west. In the U.K., Pontoon apparently remains like blackjack yet distinguishable with some words like “Twist” and “Stick” and U.K. Pontoon is recognized as the blackjack version with some added rules, played with a single deck of cards.

To understand the history of Pontoon, we present some historical facts like the game was played in the court of Louis XV in France. Its popularity soared when Napoleon himself played it and was in fact very fond of it. A pioneer of game research has said that unlike blackjack there were no fixed rules; which are why Pontoon became a stress buster for the armed forces and was played during war times.

The rules of Pontoon are very similar to Spanish 21 in both land and in mobile casinos. In Australia and many south Asian countries; the dealer does not have ‘no hold cards’ which means players are not aware which card the dealer will draw next. It is quite feasible to draw a ‘21’ and with a bit of strategy and luck you can get a win against dealer. The Jack, Queen and King all have an individual score of 10, while the points for an Ace can be 1 or 11, which ever suits you. Suppose both your consecutive cards are aces and a third card turns out to be one, then you could be at a total of 3 or 13 or 23 points. The closer you are to a score of 21 the better you winning chances. A Pontoon’s table consists of cards and chips and to be familiar with this game of probability, one must know terms like ‘Split’, ‘Hit’, ‘Double’ etc.

Land based casinos offer the entertainment and thrill of the game to those who can physically visit them. But now with the internet and some very awesome technology, players can play this exciting game even at mobile casinos. Several online casinos will offer casino bonuses so players can check out the virtual form of this game. You should check out online casino reviews to find out if some no deposit bonus codes are applicable to the game of Pontoon because online casinos will often reserve these casino promotions for slot games only. It may be worth your while to read through the welcome or deposit bonus being offered as that is often less restrictive and definitely more lucrative.

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