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Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker can be considered as the formal version of ‘Poker’, one of the earliest and easiest casino games of all time. With few complexities, Red Dog Poker needs only two or three players and just two or three rounds of betting. Really, all you need to do is to trust your luck, it’s that simple.

So many stories about Red Dog Poker still remain untold, but the one story that came up with something concrete tells that Red Dog Poker was first played in America somewhere around late 18th century. It was brought to America by some trade merchant and back then it was known by many names. The one name that got everyone’s attention was ‘In Between’.

Around the 12th century when cards were just getting fashionable among people from China, India, and several other countries, the outcome of most card games was decided by luck. In fact, there were very few games that required skill and strategy and at that time gambling was all about who was having better luck among players. Later on gamblers sought out games that were more skill and strategy based rather than luck dependent.

In the year 1931, gambling was legalized in Las Vegas and it was only thereafter that the game ‘In between’ went through a complete transformation. As a result, Red Dog Poker was born. It stayed as a very popular game till early 1940’s. With the arrival of games like Blackjack and other card games, it began losing its charm. A revival took place with the coming of online casinos and today internet and mobile casinos are keeping this old game alive.  One can easily find Red Dog Poker in mobile casinos or in online gaming stores.

Luckily the internet keeps Red Dog Poker available to you. This simple game with no complicated rules remains alive among people who do not want to risk too much. The rules still remain the same as they were. So, when you find hit at a casinos, and you’re in the mood to play a simple card game, give Red Dog a try; it’s always available via your smartphone or tablet at a mobile casino even if you are unable to find it on land based casino.

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