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People Who Put a Ding in the Universe of Casino

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People Who Put a Ding in the Universe of casino

Casino is a place where anyone can tempt fortune, feel the taste of victory and greatness, winning a huge amount of money, or a bitter taste and offence of losing everything you have. There are loads of stories of the people who scooped a huge win in casino games, who of the poor become rich and vice versa. Below you can find some info about those who managed to leave their mark in the history of gambling forever.

A short divagation. We recommend that you do not ever fully rely on your luck when playing casino or poker games. What concerns poker, it is considered a game of skill, so you have to study the rules of the game and some strategies before playing. By the way, basics of poker can be found here.

Businessman and billionaire Robert Maxwell became an outstanding person in the history ...

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Top Ten Most Popular Casino Games in UK

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home-uk-play-poolGambling has been an important part of the English culture. Games like Bingo and Keno were highly prevalent during World War 2 among the soldiers. Later, bingo got insanely popular amongst general masses as well. This was just the start of a never ending gambling marathon. Of the hundreds of games, few seem to be more popular than others andRead More

A Brief History of Baccarat

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What is BaccaratBaccarat is said to have its origin in Italy the early 1400’s, but it gained significance in France, especially amongst its royalty. Probably documented as one of the oldest casino games, it took several hundred more years before it became popular in rest of Europe. The word “baccarat” possibly comes from “baccara” which means zero. Read on toRead More